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Coldplay for War Child live at the Indigo at the O2, February 2016



BBC Music Awards 2014 live at Earls Court

One Direction

Judging by the noise at times, you’d have been forgiven for thinking this was a One Direction gig with some other acts keeping the TV cameras warm, but in the end a really great show to shoot. It was a bit odd having just one song to shoot and working in a TV environment rather than a gig one, and came away with a few frames I like too. You can see the full gallery here.


AAA: Coldplay live in Manchester, June 2012


Well, it’s fair to say I probably never expected to end up on stage with Coldplay. So when the email landed from their management asking me if I fancied shooting the band’s last UK tour date at the Etihad stadium, the answer was pretty easy. I’d shot the Emirates show a few days earlier so had an idea how big the production was, but you really can’t comprehend what it feels like to be sat on a drum riser infront of that big a crowd.

Kudos to the guys from Red Bull for being amazing about it, I was at Download shooting for them and had to bail on the last day to head up to Manchester and I hated letting them down. They helped take my mind off the nerves with a few jaegerbombs the night before too…

As you’d expect it was a pretty immense show, I’d spent most of the week waiting to get a phone call saying it’d fallen through (not helped by security not having my pass on the door at the gig!) but nothing went wrong and I was introduced to the band’s team, a few of whom I already knew but everyone was really ace to work with. From the first fireworks to running the length of the pitch behind the band as they went back to the main stage in a little security team bubble (they’re fit guys and I was carrying 3 cameras and lenses, not as easy as it sounds!) it was a reamarkably chilled out job, even if it did dawn on me half way through the likelyhood is i’ll never top it as a job.

Some of the shots ended up in the Live 2012 DVD and the shot above is in the 2013 calendar (in colour mind) but below are a few frames that havent yet seen the light of day. I’m pretty happy with what I produced and just incredibly chuffed to have the chance to shoot the gig. I took my ear plugs out during Fix You and just tried to soak it up, a moment that’ll stay with me for the rest of my life.

Anyway, some photos…


Paralympic closing ceremony – a view from the stands, September 2012

Paralympic closing ceremony

Perhaps more accurate to say a Coldplay concert without some extra Paralympic-themed bits, but a cracking night all the same. The Glastonbury theme was really cool, with relics of arcadia providing some of the most striking imagery of the games. I only took one body with a 17-35 and a 10.5mm fisheye, but managed to grab a few frames from the evening that hopefully capture some of the colour and the scale of the event.I wasn’t working it as such, but there as a punter (hence the end of the evening is a bit hazier than usual…) so here’s a small selection of frames from various points of the ceremony.


Coldplay live at the Emirates Stadium, June 2012


So I finally got to shoot the confetti! Having missed out at the O2 I was hoping for the confetti shower that I’d seen so many other photographers enjoy, and finally got my chance. As it happened it wasn’t quite perfect – Chris didn’t come all the way down the runway when the blowers were on, and then he ran in and ran out before hitting the deck near the middle of the runway, rather than at the end as I’d been expecting. Cue a frantic sprint to get round the staging to where he’d bent his knees at a seemingly impossible angle….

Still a fantastic live band, the echoes of ‘Yellow’ as I walked to the tube reminded me why I still love Coldplay, however cheesy it might be to say so! No denying they’ve written some top pop tunes.

First proper outing for the D800 too, and although there were some issues with the speed it buffers at, the colours are really great and the focusing seems pretty decent. I even gave the D300 a final outing with the fisheye on….so yes, I was wearing three cameras and I’m sure that makes me an arse, but well, rather the extra shot than leave it sat on the floor at home.


Coldplay live at the O2, London, December 2011


The last time I’d shot Coldplay was the two tiny Crisis shows last December so seeing their huge stage set up at the O2 was quite a change. Definitely the first time that I’d had to try shoot around huge rubber balls bouncing round the venue, and Chris only briefly ventured down the runway at the end of the third song, but as ever a well lit gig and a band giving it their all.


Christmas with Coldplay – Liverpool and Newcastle, December 2010


So, after the fun of the Madness show at Earls Court, I headed North with one eye on the weather and another on my mobile. I’d known for a fortnight or so that I would be shooting, exclusively, Coldplay’s two “Hidden Gigs” but part of me was expecting to get an email saying it had all fallen through and that I wouldn’t be able to shoot the shows after all. Still, Sunday came and no bad news so I loaded up the car and drove over to Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre, hugely excited but also pretty nervous. The last time I’d shot Coldplay was their show at the Lancashire County Cricket Club and bluntly I made a right mess of it, so I did feel the pressure a bit. Not helped by knowing these were the bands only UK shows this year (and probably for a another few months yet) and that they were for the charity Crisis, who I was shooting for and who had put many months work into making the gigs happen.

As things turned out, it was two days of brilliant fun, with everyone from the band to their crew and the fans being in terrific spirits despite the cold! I shot all sorts of things, from the meet and greet to bits of soundcheck and venue atmosphere. The gigs themselves were incredible, at times resembling more of a rehearsal with friends than a full production show. (Although the panto scenery that remained on stage did give it a pretty random edge!)


Coldplay live at Lancashire County Cricket Club, September 2009

Coldplay 4

It seems a long time since I saw Coldplay in a pub. Then again, it has been nine years (well, eight years and 11 months thinking about it) This was the bigger & better version of the same show I shot in Sheffield last November. Oh, and with added Jay Z as support.

I’ll overlook the fact that due to various cock ups all the photographers who’d been approved to photo Jay Z were kept waiting outside until literally his last song, then when someone realised the error ran out to get us. I’d like to thank the staff that helped, and to the particularly inept people who sat blankly in the box office seemingly unable to use a phone or radio, and were happy to watch us wait outside, a big nah-nah. (i’m being polite)

anyway, in hindsight this gig summed up a number of things that have been playing on my mind over the summer. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do – you just have a bad gig. get over it, move on. then there are the technical things that you shouldnt get wrong – like trying to shoot portraits of someone infront of you who is very well lit with 1/60 shutter speed. cock up, idiocy and very angering. but, too late now. move on.

then you get home, file an edit that is not by any means your best, and see two nationals pick up shots the next day. can i explain it? no. pure chance. anyway, i picked a few shots out that i like – but I think it’s probably time I had a break. So, I have until monday!

Jay-Z 2

Coldplay live at Sheffield Arena, November 2008

Coldplay 9

well, it comes full circle. i last shot coldplay in 2005 at newcastle arena, on the X&Y tour. weird to think that was their last album, and yet i shot them on my old sony DSC point and shoot. the shots are still on flickr here if you’d like a look.

three years on, and a very odd stage set up later, i get to shoot them again. not that pleased with the shots – quite alot of poor cropping, and over exposure, but got an edit out of it at least!