glastonbury friday – mud, MJ and mahem

so, where were you when you heard about Jacko? I wasnt at glastonbury. I was in a taxi. not very exciting I know.

slightly surreal atmosphere here yesterday – it stopped raining eventually, but the damage was well and truly done in mud terms. after several trips to the (very far away from our compound) park i wrapped the day up with the horrors and animal collective – a great end to a weird day. still think even in the few years I’ve been coming here glasto has lost lots of its magic, and i can’t say I had many moments where I really enjoyed myself. had a good chat with one of the NME guys about how the lineup isnt great, and how it’s a shame none of the headliners are ‘exclusive’ anymore.

but, old man whinging aside, it’s sunny and i’m loving being here, and it’s a privildge to be shooting for the BBC. I’ve got a creative brief to look after all the small stages, which is great as I’m going to get around all the cool little stages, rather than just shoot crap like lady gaga and lily allen.

best set from friday definately the horrors, who closed with a truly epic version of sea within a sea.


The Rakes

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