AAA: Coldplay live in Manchester, June 2012


Well, it’s fair to say I probably never expected to end up on stage with Coldplay. So when the email landed from their management asking me if I fancied shooting the band’s last UK tour date at the Etihad stadium, the answer was pretty easy. I’d shot the Emirates show a few days earlier so had an idea how big the production was, but you really can’t comprehend what it feels like to be sat on a drum riser infront of that big a crowd.

Kudos to the guys from Red Bull for being amazing about it, I was at Download shooting for them and had to bail on the last day to head up to Manchester and I hated letting them down. They helped take my mind off the nerves with a few jaegerbombs the night before too…

As you’d expect it was a pretty immense show, I’d spent most of the week waiting to get a phone call saying it’d fallen through (not helped by security not having my pass on the door at the gig!) but nothing went wrong and I was introduced to the band’s team, a few of whom I already knew but everyone was really ace to work with. From the first fireworks to running the length of the pitch behind the band as they went back to the main stage in a little security team bubble (they’re fit guys and I was carrying 3 cameras and lenses, not as easy as it sounds!) it was a reamarkably chilled out job, even if it did dawn on me half way through the likelyhood is i’ll never top it as a job.

Some of the shots ended up in the Live 2012 DVD and the shot above is in the 2013 calendar (in colour mind) but below are a few frames that havent yet seen the light of day. I’m pretty happy with what I produced and just incredibly chuffed to have the chance to shoot the gig. I took my ear plugs out during Fix You and just tried to soak it up, a moment that’ll stay with me for the rest of my life.

Anyway, some photos…






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